What to do after a crash

No one ever expects to be in an accident. So if it does happen, would you know what to do? The shock and adrenaline from an impact can leave you feeling a little frazzled, so it’s important to know what to do should the worst occur. We’re going to break down the important things to remember when you’re in a vehicle accident.

1. Eliminate danger and seek help (if required)

  • Stop immediately, turn off the vehicle engine, and turn on hazard lights.
  • Assess the situation for danger – Is there immediate danger? I.e. Fire, risk of another accident imminent etc. Get yourself and others to a safe area away from danger.
  • Call for help – Call 000 for Ambulance and Police assistance for serious injuries or for a significant accident. It is not necessary to call the Police for minor accidents.

2. Exchange Motoring details

  • Exchange details about the driver (name, address, licence number), the vehicles involved (registration, make and model) and details about the incident that occurred (time, date, location). It is helpful to take photos of the scene for use later on for insurance claims. If there were any witnesses, it is also helpful to get their contact details should more evidence need to be provided.

3. Make your claim to insurance (if required)

  • Ring your vehicle insurance company to make your claim (if necessary). It’s good to lodge your claim soon after the accident so the details are clear in your memory and to get the process moving quickly. We provide a letter to insurers in the back of every instruction manual in order to help you make a claim for your car seats as well.

4. Helpful Tips

  • Be honest – With many cars now carrying dash cameras, and shop fronts with CCTV, it’s important to be honest about the details surrounding the accident.
  • Child Restraints – If you have a child restraint in the car, it is helpful to have the child’s and your details on hand incase something happens to you in the accident. Our new Premium Range of restraints come with an In Case of Emergency sticker for these situations. You can learn more about them here.

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