About Secur-air

Secur-air™ is our advanced side impact protection system designed to work hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology™

How It Works

Secur-air™ manages side-impact accidents in two stages, first by softly expelling air, and then eight crumple-zone domes gently reduce the crash energy even further.

From there, Secur-air™ hands the remaining crash energy off to the Air Cocoon Technology™ seat shell.

The entire process reduces crash energy levels up to five times lower than the Australian standard. 

The Best Part

Because Secur-air is integrated into the core design of our child restraints, and has been for years, if you have an InfaSecure child restraint, chances are you already have Secur-air.

No add-ons, no need to upgrade, and no extra cost. 

Exceptional safety and it's built right in. 

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