About SecureSafe

At SecureSafe, we’re all about Safety, Quality, Comfort and Innovation.

We utilise the highest quality Engineering, Manufacturing and Human Resources, to bring top tier safety to your travel experience.

We are an Australian Family owned Business who have been in the Child Restraint & Child Safety industry for over 30 Years. Our products are designed to improve and nurture the lifestyle, comfort and safety of your child. 


We are all about Quality

We are unapologetically uncompromising on quality of materials, manufacturing and design.


We are all about Safety

Safety is the most important aspect for any product designed for children, and we make sure they are packed full of safety technologies.


We are all about You

SecureSafe is all about its users, we are always striving to improve our products and experiences for the user.


SecureSafe is available exclusively at Baby Bunting. Click here for more information