About TikkTokk

In 2001 entrepreneur Kevin Ferreira, followed his dream to create this children’s company that would provide the best and most exciting children’s home and educational furniture and utilities.

From humble beginnings in a home office, the company entered the educational furniture industry in 2001, quickly developing a reputation for design and quality, delivering products at highly competitive prices. The company grew into a strong and trusted brand becoming a market leader in various products especially wooden tables & chairs, easels and playpens. Designs were copied and competitors rose to try cash in on the success of the company and its key products.

At the end of 2008, Kevin took a 3 year hiatus from trading and sold off the primary business to a local company. During this time, toward the end of his contractual restraint period, Kevin researched increased production and safety standards, new designs and concepts, increased aesthetic appeal and designed a brand new range of products that completely changed the face of local production standards. During his hiatus, the questions he sought to answer were:

– How do I provide higher levels of safety?
– How do I create more fashionable and modern items?
– How do I ensure the customer always comes first with price and quality?
– How do I ensure that the items are so unique that no other competitor has anything close to our range?

The result of asking these questions is the new improved brand, TikkTokk.

From 2001, TikkTokk continues in the company tradition of exceptional quality but takes the innovative designs and safety standards to a much higher level representing an enormous leap forward in children’s home and educational furniture and accessories. This is an evolution in design and quality, where all previous designs have been significantly enhanced, new designs/ranges added, manufacture processes refined, value increased and service levels raised.

Drawing on thirteen years of experience, Kevin recreated the company from the bottom up. Redesigning and reworking every single stock item and then adding significantly to the product range.